Hotels & Restaurants

Hotels and restaurants chains have to manage multiple sites and each have their limitations. YouMeal allows them to focus on their core business by offering a simple and complete solution.

Your challenges

  • To be in accordance with the European INCO 1169 directive on the provision of food information to customers
  • To be able to respond to questions of consumers/clients about allergens, the nutritional composition and the environmental impact of the consumed dish
  • The ability to easily share information between actors : suppliers, dieticians, site managers, cooks, etc.
  • The ability to adapt information to unanticipated dishes
  • To optimize everyone’s use of time

Our solution

  • Automatic import and/or editing of recipes within the software
  • Automatic analysis of :
    • Allergens
    • Macro-nutrients
    • Micro-nutrients : vitamins and minerals
    • Environmental impact
    • Cost
    • Nutritional waste
  • Automatic generation of intuitive information medium for consumers
    • Information-sharing with flexible access rights
    • Multi-site
    • Multiple users
    • Multilingual (FR,ENG, NL)
  • Adjustment of recipes to client’s constraints
  • Improvement of recipes