Food Suppliers

The food suppliers who deliver to mass caterers are often obliged to inform their clients about the nutritional composition of their products.
However, their products and information are often supplied by the agro-industry in varying forms which renders the task of the supplier complex and time-consuming.

Your challenges

  • Recover and collect information about allergens and nutrition of your products
  • Transmit this information to your clients
  • Constantly update this information
  • Help your clients use this information to properly depict their recipes
  • Improve your ecological and health image

Our solution

  • Updated information on the majority of products is already in YouMeal’s database
  • Import available data from your product sheets
  • Your partner producers can directly integrate their information in the YouMeal Software
    • Direct encoding or import of allergens and nutritional values of their products
    • Encoding or import of their recipes for acquisition of information
  • Your clients can log on the YouMeal software to have all the information relative to your products
  • Your clients can encode or import their recipes in YouMeal’s software and instantly obtain the allergens, nutritional value and the material cost of their desired meal
  • YouMeal can analyse the vitamins and minerals of dishes and calculate their impact on the environment

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